• Being leader in E-commerce to build B2B marketplace with Alibaba Clone

    B2B marketplace is playing major role in online business industry with the advanced trend E-commerce. The concept of B2B is based on Business to business and B2B website is a platform which helpful to business owner by improve their business ideas and discover their business products or services in front of global traders.This platform brings business from not only local but it also able to cover all around the world.

    B2b portal is designed to focus sellers, traders, suppliers, manufacturer, distributors importers,exporters etc. The extensive service of B2B marketplace helps you to earn money from online. It is very easy to start your own B2B portal by using Alibaba Clone Script that works like a Alibaba.

    Online stuffs that allows you to earn money from B2B Marketplace:

    Google Ad-sense: Gain revenue from your online content

    Ad-sense is the powerful and effective service by Google which provide flexible way to earn money from your B2b portal. Ad sense has helped over 2 million Business owner s and publishers to increase their sells in the last 10 years. This product works on concept of display ads on your B2B portal as per your visitor’s interest and earn from valid clicks or impression. It is completely legitimate way to earn online. B2B portal is very large portal so there are many ways to get traffic by search engine and this traffics will helps you to start earning.

    Paid Membership

    Once your B2B portal is gain huge members and gain trust relation from them. Now days, Business owners need more and more featured service to increase their sells and they are always ready to invest money for business growth like this You would launch paid membership for members or business owners who wants premium service to maximize ROI and business client. Premium service allows member to increase page views of products as well as business esquires. This service include some special features like seo service, brand promotion,banner add in home page, listing in all affiliate portals and much more.

    Banner Advertisement

    B2b portal has always huge traffic as it is consist of lots of bunch of content and it has much way to get traffic from different search queries generated by user so B2B portal is perfect and productive way to advertise. Banner advertisement is the powerful way for advertising that grabs attraction quickly and gather targeted audience.

    HTML links Advertisement

    Text link is the HTML link which includes clickable text. These links is also called backlinks and have very much importance in SEO industry of these links to increase ranking and website traffic so Webmasters are always hungry for these links to ready to pay for this.

    Affiliate Marketing

    This is another great way to earn online. This program lets you to earn commission from sellers when customer click on affiliate link and perform action such as make a purchase or download newsletter on the advertisement site. There are various terms of commission such as pay per sale, pay per lead, page impression, and conversion rate. There are lots of websites provide best affiliate service. You can earn fancy commission by choosing suitable affiliate program from your niche.
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